We retain the right to accept visitors and provide spa treatments. Spa treatments will be available exclusively to medically healthy people aged 20 and up. The spa team’s decision to declare a guest fit and qualified to receive a spa treatment is final and binding. Appointments are subject to availability, so we recommend making them as far in advance as possible.

In certain cities, we only hire same-gender therapists, but in others, we hire cross-gender therapists. If you have a specific desire, you should check the policy of the spa of your choice before making an appointment. While we will make every attempt to match our members and regular visitors with a specific therapist from among those available, we cannot guarantee it. In any event, in order to preserve the greatest levels of privacy and hygiene, we require our guests to utilise the disposable underclothes given for each therapy.

Guests must inform the front desk of all medical conditions, allergies, and other concerns before beginning their treatment, as some spa therapies may not be recommended due to contraindications.

The Spa Doctor’s or Guest Health Counsellor’s guidance should not be used to replace medical advice from a family physician or specialist. Before implementing recommendations for exercise, diet, or lifestyle changes, guests must consult with their physician or specialist.

Our professional trainers scientifically pre-determine the length, technique, and material used for each session. It won’t be possible to change or customise them beyond what’s allowed.

The list of spa treatments available and their pricing are subject to change without notice. Before choosing a spa therapy, guests must verify with the spa front desk for the most up-to-date menu and rates.

We retain the right to shorten the therapy duration for the same price or give a completely different therapy of a shorter duration if a guest arrives more than ten minutes late for their planned appointment. This is to ensure that the next appointment does not get pushed back.

Our guests are completely responsible for their personal possessions, and we assume no responsibility for lost or misplaced items. While we highly advise against bringing valuables to the spa, each spa room is equipped with a guest locker. Please secure your belongings in the locker and keep the keys with you for the duration of your visit.

Our therapists maintain the right to terminate any therapy at any moment if a guest engages in inappropriate behaviour, gestures, innuendos, or sexual solicitations. Such visitors will be placed on a blacklist and will not be offered any additional appointments.

Pre-paid memberships and gift vouchers cannot be refunded.

We don’t offer massage on private parts of the body.

We don’t offer therapies to pregnant ladies as this is a field and our therapist are not trained in this science.

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