Thai Massage

Thai Massage In Delhi

The Thai massage technique is completely new to the spa world. But very few of us know that it is one of the ancient massage techniques which is known to be invented by the Buddhist monks. This massage is the combination of gentle pressure and passive stretching on the energy lines of the body for increasing flexibility, reduces joint pain, relieving muscle soreness and balancing the energy levels of the body. It is also known as the best massage technique for beginners. Thai massage therapy is done with compression that is directed on the muscle tissue. It helps to energize and relax the body a lot.

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Benefits of Thai massage

Thai massage has many health benefits such as:

Reduces stress

Thai massage is the combination of gentle stretches and pressure which helps to provide relaxation to the body. It reduces the stress maker that is present in saliva.

Increases energy

This massage also helps to boost energy levels. The people who are suffering from fatigue if get Thai massage helps to increase the energy as well as mental stimulation.

Relieves headaches

Regular Thai massage helps to get rid of chronic headaches as they lower down the tissue hardness.

Promotes blood circulation

Thai massage helps to promote blood circulation as it is done with gentle stretches These techniques help to fill the body with oxygen and hence promote blood circulation.


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