Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage In Delhi

Shiatsu massage therapy has been originated in Japan. This is totally practised with the help of Chinese medicine with some elements of Western techniques. The massage is done with the help of fingers, palms and thumbs by applying pressure to certain areas of the body with the motive to heal certain ailments and conditions. The pressure when applied to a point boosts the energy level and reduces the tensions from the body. Along with this, this massage also helps in relieving stress, treating pain and hence improve the person’s overall health as well as well being in an effective manner.

Our specialities:

Following are the specialities of our spa:

  • Traditional massage techniques
  • Maximum use of authentic pure and paraben free beauty recipes
  • Experienced staff
  • Friendly environment
  • High-class experience

The main focus on customer satisfaction

Benefits of Shiatsu massage therapy

Following are the magical benefits of Shiatsu massage:

  • Shiatsu massage technique helps in relieving the problem of constipation. The stretches and massage applied to the muscles relax the muscles and improve the abdominal function.
  • If a person is suffering from muscle pain, Shiatsu massage is the treatment. It helps to remove the muscle tension by providing the acupressure.
  • This massage therapy also helps in aiding the migraine pain as it relaxes the body and promotes blood flow.
  • Not only this but also this massage therapy helps the person to get rid of stress, anxiety, tension as well as depression by making him/her calm and relaxed.
  • It is also known to provide magical benefits to the women during menstrual cycles by alleviating menstrual cramps.


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