Balinese Massage In Delhi

Balinese massage is a massage which is practised in the full body with holistic treatment. It is done with the combination of acupressure, gentle stretches, aromatherapy as well as reflexology that help in stimulating the blood flow to the entire body. The main purpose behind doing this is t provide a sense of fulfilment and belonging and relaxation. Along with the stretches, various other techniques are used such as stroking, skin rolling with the usage of essential oils. The Balinese massage with these steps will help you to keep calm and also helps to boost blood circulation to the body.

Our specialities:

Following are the specialities of our spa:

  • Traditional massage techniques
  • Usage of premium essential oils
  • Lavish experience
  • Professional therapists
  • Luxury ambience


Benefits of Balinese Massage

The Balinese massage is performed with the help of aromatic essential oils on the floor mattress. Following are the benefits of Balinese massage:

Keep the mind calm

The magical effect of Balinese massage will make the mind calm. The room will be filled with aromatic perfumes, soft music which provides perfect relaxation from the outside world.

Promotes blood flow

This massage helps to promote the blood flow to the body. This makes the body much more comfortable as well as fresher.

Helps to keep the body healthy

If a person is suffering from fatigue, it is very important for the person to take rest along with a massage. With the help of Balinese massage, the person will come back to the active position and becomes healthy.

Alleviate muscle soreness

The regular practise f Balinese massage will help to remove the pain from the body. It removes the muscle tension in the body and provides ultimate relaxation.


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